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Rodica Draghincescu, Morgen und Abend 2

Rodica Draghincescu, Morgen und Abend. Second edition. Translated into German by Rüdiger Fischer. Pop Verlag, Ludwigsburg, 2004.

ISBN 3-937139-01-X

This new edition contains more poems an critics.


Rodica Draghincescu: Morgen und Abend

Rodica Draghincescu: Morgen und Abend. Poems. Translated into German by Rüdiger Fischer. Ithaka Verlag, Stuttgart, 2003.
ISBN 3-933545-27-7

'Morning and Evening'. Poems and poems in prose, written in spring 2003 in French.

Rodica Draghincescu: Phänomenologie des geflügelten Geschlechts

Rodica Draghincescu: Phänomenologie des geflügelten Geschlechts. Poems. Bilingual edition, German and Romanian. Translated into German by Edith Konradt, Dieter Schlesak, and Hellmut Seiler. Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, 2001

ISBN 3-929085-68-2

'Phaenomenology of the Winged Gender'. The first book published by Rodica Draghincescu in Germany, containing old and new poems, most of them already published in Romania. 'I am very excited about the reception of Rodica Draghincescu's poetry in Germany. She writes in a very modern, very direct way, which is sometimes a shocking experience in the Romanian literature of today. This could be a good point for her reception in Germany. In Western Europe, people are interested in a poetry which go across the borders of commodity and prejudices. And this give me a reason to believe that she'll be successful.' (Nora Iuga, România Literara 48, december, 2001)

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