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In our Own Words

Words, Under My Skin.

Poetry, Finishing Line Press, USA, Translation : Howard Scott


In our Own Words

A Sharp Double-Edged Luxury Object.

Poetry, Cervena Barva Press, USA, Translation : Antuza Genescu & Adam J. Sorkin, Covert Art: Devis Grebu


Days of Poetry and Wine

Days of Poetry and Wine/ Dnevi poezije in vina. Edited by Ales Steger. Studentska zalozba, Ljubljana, 2003.

ISBN 961-6446-38-X

The anthology of the Festival 'Days of Poetry and Wine', which takes place every year in Medana, Slovenia. Texts in original language as well as in English and Slovenian. The authors: Rodica Draghincescu (Romania), Fabio Franzin (Italy), Mihail Galatanu (Romania), Hendrik Jackson (Germany), Jyrki Kiiskinen (Finland), Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia), Sabina Naef (Switzerland), Katerina Rudcenkova (Czech Republik), Kerry Shawn Keys (USA) and others.


Jag tänkte alltid läsa langsamt för dig. Edited by Nina Olsson, Lasse Söderberg, and Angela Garcia. Malmö, 2001.

The anthology of the Festival 'Poesidagarna i Malmö'. It contains texts in original language and swedish translations. The authors: Corrado Calabró (Italy), Rodica Draghincescu (Romania), Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Germany), Guntar Godins (Latvia), Lars Gustafsson (Sweden), Tony Harrison (United Kingdom), Ewa Lipska (Poland), Jorge Riechmann (Spain), and others.

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