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Rodica Draghincescu: EU-genía

Rodica Draghincescu: EU-genía (I-genia). Poems. Vinea, Bucharest, 2000.

ISBN 973-9294-84-7

A collection of long poems, marking up a new direction in Rodica Draghincescu's poetry. In Romania, 'EU-genía' was the poetry book of the year 2000. In Germany, Edition Solitude published in 2001 'Phenomenology of the Winged Gender', a collection of verseses based on 'EU-genía'.

Rodica Draghincescu: Ah!

Rodica Draghincescu: Ah! Poems. Vinea, Bucharest, 1998.

ISBN 973-9294-31-6

'No matter if she writes poems with a textual touch, if she traces a path through the biographical jungle, if she throws (im)possible loves into our sight (and forces us to read with several pairs of glasses) or if she really offers us 'texts with cranks and butterflies', in everything she writes Rodica Draghincescu is true to her own self. With her whole person she breathes an authentic poetry. She is much more than one of the leaders of the new generation, which captivated the public interest as 'The Generation of the Nineties'. She became famous as a creator of a singular universe. In fact poetry runs in her blood and she succeeded by taking the front door to step into the arena of today’s outstanding Romanian lyrics.' (Niolae Tone, Preface to the anthology 'Ah!')

Rodica Draghincescu: Obiect de lux ascutit pe ambele parti

Rodica Draghincescu: Obiect de lux ascutit pe ambele parti (Object of Luxury Sharpened on Both Sides). Poems. Cartea Romaneasca, Bucharest, 1997.

ISBN 973-23-0592-4

'Entirely remarkable: the lexical power and the untamed perception of this rebelling poetess, who in her fury tries to convince us that charm itself was meant to compromise femininity.' (Mircea Bârsila, 'Calende', 1997)

Rodica Draghincescu: fiecare avem sub pat niste fotografii de care ne este rusine

Rodica Draghincescu: Fiecare avem sub pat niste fotografii de care ne este rusine (Everybody Has Some Photos under His Bed He Is Ashamed of'). Marineasa, Timisoara, 1995.

ISBN 973-821-135-1-1

'Written with the nerves of a pamphleteer and the shamelessness of a surgeon, as if proposing us to uncover the collective subconscious full of photographs we are ashamed of, Rodica Draghincescu’s poems cut your breath. (Mariana Codrut, 'Orizont', 1996)

Rodica Draghincescu: Aproape cald

Rodica Draghincescu: Aproape cald (Nearly Warm). Poems. Plumb, Bacau, 1993.
ISBN 973-9150-06-3

'Originally, Rodica Draghincescu feeds on the sources of sincerity. A fact clearly to be seen in her first poetry volume. There are to be read experiences in confession activated by the mythical plus. And not only these, but first of all the disposal of a keen sensibility to conceive the act of writing as a hallucinating cruel experience, which enables her to confess totally and to empty her whole interior by repeatedly trying out this process so strange like exorcism. (Aurel Pantea, 'Aporstrof', 1997)

Gerard Blua: Ondine, trad. par Rodica Draghincescu

Gérard Blua: Ondine. Poems. Translated from French by Rodica Draghincescu. Brumar, Timisoara, 2001.

ISBN 973-8057-47-7

Poems of the French writer Gérard Blua in Romanian translation.

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