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Hellmut Seiler
Poems in German.

Siebenbürgische Zeitung Online
Book Review on 'Phänomenologie des geflügelten Geschlechts' by Hans Bergel.
Book review on 'Morgen und Abend' by Rudolf Kraus.
Poems from the book 'Morgen und Abend'.
Presentation on the website of the Festival 'LeseLenz'.

Akademie Schloss Solitude
Presentation on the website of the Solitude Academy, Stuttgart.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Article about the Romanian Poetry by Uwe Stolzmann.

About the radio feature 'Romanian Blues. The Romanian authors Rodica Draghincescu and Teo Dobrin' by Stefan Heckmann.

Literaturhaus Salzburg
Author's Presentation.   


Écrits des Forges
Presentation of the book 'Fauve en liberté' on the website of the Canadian publisher.

Radio France
A dedication of the writer for the listeners of Radio France.

Marie Laurens
Fragment of a work about R.D. written by a French college young woman (klick on 'T.P.E.').


Dan Danila
Romanian poet, translator and artist.

Revista de Marti
A review by Oana Niculescu at 'Fiecare avem sub pat niste fotografii de care ne este rusine'.

Revista de Marti
'Efectul Geller - Fragmente dintr-un jurnal în crestere', prose by Rodica Draghincescu.
Autobiographical notes of the writer.

Other languages

Article by Carl Dieker, and a poem by R.D., in Swedish.

About R.D., in Swedish.

The webpage of the Festival 'poesiedagarna', in Swedish.

Collegues and Friends

Marie-Andrée Balbastre
French Writer and Singer.

Cristina Castello
Argentinian writer and journalist.

Rüdiger Fischer
German translator and publisher ('Verlag im Wald').

Emmanuel Hiriart
French writer.

Jean-Luc Kockler
French author and musician.

Jean-Michel Maulpoix
French writer.

Jean Orizet
French writer and publisher (Éditions Cherche Midi)

Traian Pop Traian
Romanian writer.

Sandrine Rotil-Tiefenbach
French writer.

Dieter Schlesak
German writer.

Christa Schuenke
German translator from English (Berlin).

Frédéric Vignale
French writer and journalist.

Carole Zalberg
French writer.

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