Rodica Draghincescu
White Wheat (artofnothing)

I see nothing when I see nothing
I see nothing the
nothing I see when I
see nothing I see how the
nothing sees me I am 'no thing'
since my absence I absent myself I am feeling nothing
I am more than non-existence
I obey the white, cold nothing I am a nothing of snow
I snow little nothings from memory
on big nothings of forgetting I am learning the forgetting of the where
of the where is he? of the where is she?
I do not forget where I snow or
where I am the white wheat of gazing
in which there is something there where there is nothing
everything follows me everywhere we follow one another
we are two-gender nothings: M and F
(I snow in the F direction and he in the M direction)
we snow on each other we
snow together around the snowing nothing
I have nothing to declare no body no blood
no name I name myself without calling myself
I am called 'no thing' or 'nothing-nothing'
otherwise no name, no not, no no
I don't come I don't return I do nothing
I made worthless nothings
I have not name nor faces for names
no face to name face
nothing to declare except my absent face
(in my absent face there is
snow or white wheat
and in the snow of snowed words
aged with everything they cannot do
but brave enough to say nothing and proud of their white wheat)
finally nothing nothing to declare

Translated from French by Howard Scott, Montreal

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